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Integrated Amplifier Model IT-15

For the 15th anniversary of our legendary Model IT, we have concentrated our latest research in an exclusive and rare refined version : the Lavardin technologies Model IT-15.

Improved circuitry, resulting of more than 10 years of research since the launching of our legendary Model IT, allow the Model IT-15 to be the greatest amplifier ever. The Model IT-15 represents a new category of amplifier that challenges conventional thinking, emphasizing an unbelievable tranparency, combined with the fantastic micro-dynamic that only Lavardin Technologies could create

Test du Model IT-15, HIGH FIDELITY n90 POLOGNE (english)

will create a system to which most audiophiles and music lovers pray their whole life long
How about that the IT-15 costs so little? (No, I am not joking with "only".) Well, nobody is perfect...

JULLY 2012
Test Model IT-15, HIFI NEWS (GB)


Because Lavardin Technologies is constantly analyzing new design improvements,
we reserve the right to change or modify product specifications without notice or obligation

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