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15 years of excellence, 15 years of legend.

Our new technologies have only one goal : musical enjoyment. Our research to find out the dominant factors for the musicality of amplifiers allowed us to discover previously unknown non linear distortion which we called "memory distortion"(TM).

When the finest tube designs produce one tenth the amount of this newly revealed distortion, only our revolutionary components and circuitry knock it back - to one one-thousandth of what it was ... and this, anyone can hear.

Since the early days our Model IT integrated amplifier has been regarded by music lovers and international audio Press as the absolute World Reference amplifier for sheer musical enjoyment and transparency : a true Living Legend.

Then we introduced the Model IS and recently the Model IS Reference which include our exclusive new designs for an incredible value for money ratio.

Our technologies are also revolutionary when applied to interconecting cables, for sources as well as for loudspeakers.

Soon, new listening rooms will open all over the world. Check our distributor list. You are welcome to come in for a listening test that will be, for you also, a really Special Musical Experience.

Our research starts where the others give up.

Welcome at Lavardin Technologies, to amplifiers that
"possess the ability to make almost every other amplifier sound cluttered and clumsy " Roy Gregory (HIFI+)

MODEL IT the best amplifier OF ALL TIME ?
Sea what The Absolute Sound (USA) and HIFI+ (UK) say

Photo Jay Sea MODEL IT-15
For the 15th anniversary of our legendary Model IT, we have concentrated our latest research in an exclusive and rare refined version : the Lavardin technologies Model IT-15.

Photo Jay Sea MODEL CPO
low memory tonearm cable.
Incredible upgrade for Linn, Ikeda, Fidelity Research, Jelco, recent SME tonearms and any other tonearm fitted with 5 pin connector.
An absolutely must try for serious vinyl addict.

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