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Model IS
Integrated Amplifier

HIFI+ award

OPTIONAL PHONO INPUT: to get the full magic of vinyl reproduction, Model IS can be fitted with our exceptional phono moving magnet input circuits.
The direct connection to the heart of the amplifier guaranties better sonic results thant any external devices.
OPTIONAL BYPASS INPUT: For smooth integration of a Surround Processor into High End Audio System, Model IS can have an optional BYPASS input (input 1) with fixed amplification fitted.
For ultimate quality, both AV and stereo signals are routed directly without any bypass switch.

"IS makes just about every other amp youŽll compare it to sound smeared, muddled, confused"
(The Absolute Sound)

The tour de force : The Model IS is a full width design with unrivaled Lavardin Technology, build quality and design philosophy, in particular the circuits and components which virtually eliminate the effects of memory distortion.

The exceptional dynamics of the Model IS will definitely bring you closer to the music and give you a purity and clarity that no other amplifier, even those far outside its price range, can achieve.
Its extreme transparency, over the full bandwidth is in contrast with focused transparency of the best tube amplifiers and its dynamics, never aggressive is in contrast with almost all transistor amplifiers.

You will find it hard to believe that its power output is only 45w, so fast and powerful are the transients.
This fantastic power handling allows some technicians to measure over 104W per channel on 2 ohm loads out of the Model IS.

On several shows on the planet we have experienced gourgeous musical results with excellent speakers such as Avalon Eclipse, Sonus Faber Guarnery hommage, Quad ESL63, Rogers LS3/5A, Living Voice, Focal Utopia, lecontoure and many others...

Eventually, we have never heard any speaker that is not transfigured when hocked to our amplifiers.

See what the best specialist around the world says about the Model IS
  • MAY 2016

    Image Hifi may/june (DE) Model IS AWARD 2016 AMPLIFIER

  • JULLY 2015
    "it was the first time I've ever heard this track with the emotion in which I am now sure it was recorded"

  • JUNE 2013
    Model IS - TAS - HIFI+ 100th

    The Lavardin IS amplifier has been reviewed in 100th edition of hi fi + it seems to have come out rather well
    "The Model IS has an uncommon degree of clarity, agility, and ability to follow a line of music, no matter how fast or complex."

  • OCTOBRE 2012
    Test Model IS, HI Fidelity Greece

  • MARCH 2010
    MODEL IS - Hifi & Musik - Sweden
    superlative in many respects: resolution, spatial delineation, micro-dynamics and timing. Its ability to pick up small details was simply incredible and something not available with the other amps.
    What Lavardin IS brings to the sound is "inner meaning"; ability to follow music's rhytmical nuances, including silent moments, as well as to highlight other significant details.

  • NOVEMBRE 2008 - Model IS - France - GOLD DIAPASON 2008

    HIFI+ award

    Model IS et Model IS Reference THE ABSOLUTE SOUND - USA

    "Even the lowly IS makes just about every other amp youŽll compare it to sound smeared, muddled, confused. But the best bit is that all that clarity and organization are musically natural in presentation. Stable and open with fabulous micro-dynamics, the Lavardin is the antithesis of clinical, breathing life and energy into the performance"

  • 2001 - Model IS - England - HIFI+ - par Roy Gregory

  • 2000 - Sweden - test of the Model IS - HIFI & MUSIK -
    Rena Snuren ! (It's completely crazy...)

    "My god, what realism ! Pure magic and clearly evident to anybody listenin"

  • Mai 1998 - Model IS - France - PRESTIGE Audio
    "With no possible contest, Model IS rivals some of the best tube amplifiers"
    "Music is reproduced with the fluidity of a runing river"

Because Lavardin Technologies is constantly analyzing new design improvements,
we reserve the right to change or modify product specifications without notice or obligation.

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